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90% Of The Metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER Owners Wrong, You Use Right?

- Nov 03, 2017 -

90% of the metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER owners wrong, you use right?
With the development of technology market, the basic per capita smart phone, especially with the development of car interconnection technology in recent years, the phone and the car more and more close, which also directly led to cell phone battery consumption faster, so the metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER came into being, and quickly spread to most car owners. However, the product quality can not afford the difference, and most owners use the wrong way to cause loss to the vehicle. According to incomplete statistics, 90% of the owners of metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER is wrong, are you right?
Principle: The car cigarette lighter socket 12V voltage into 5V USB voltage and charge the electronic products through the charging line. In general, a UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER converts 12V DC (12V car, 24V DC) into 5-20V DC for charging on-board mobile devices, which is characterized by low power consumption, simple and convenient, and low price.
Metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER installation is very simple, as long as the car cigarette lighter socket can be. To charge mobile phones, navigators and other devices, simply unplug the cigarette lighter with a cigarette mark, connect the device to be charged with the UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER with a charging cable, and then insert it into the cigarette lighter socket of the car.
Some high-end UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGERs generally include 2 USB ports that charge up to 2 digital products simultaneously. Such products generally have overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, quadruple security features to ensure safe use. UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER in the car at the same time, but also home, car charger, direct charge, USB charge three in one multi-purpose use.
Universal USB battery charger, for example, the correct installation and use is:
1, the USB power adapter into the car's cigarette lighter, the light is on, then charge.
2, the use of USB cable and adapter, the phone, MP3 or standard USB interface products and car USB power adapter can be connected to charge it.
UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER Car cigarette lighter as a power outlet directly to the phone charge. Due to the lower voltage provided by the car, so only need to have a UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER overload protection circuit. UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER socket front-end design of a fuse, when the current exceeds the overload protection circuit can withstand the range, the fuse immediately fuse, play a protective role.
USB specification of the current overload protection requirements must not exceed 5A. The reason why UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER overload protection is because when the output current is too large and exceed their normal output value, the charger components life will be shortened or because of overheating lead to damage or even burn. Therefore, the UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER used in the car must have overload protection measures.
UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER market input voltage is basically 12V-24V, the output voltage is 5V, while the output current is about 1A ~ 4A. However, some "three noes" or "cottage" products are generally charging current virtual standard phenomenon. Taking the iPhone4S with 1470mAh as an example, the 1A current can be charged in only about 2 hours, while the charging time for inferior products needs to be doubled.
What's more, when you use those charge current 500mA charger for mobile phone charging, if you are turning on the phone navigation state, not only fully charged at this time not to go out, sometimes mobile phone power will go down! So in the choice of general Battery charger must be optimistic when, at least to choose the charging current of 1A products.

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