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- May 31, 2017 -

AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER How to charge the car battery car battery exhaustion can be a lot of reasons, including a long time without starting the car, the car parked in a low temperature environment, after parking did not turn off the headlights or indoor lights and so on. To charge the empty battery, you need to prepare a set of crossover cables, and a charge of the car. And then need to use the crossover cable to connect the two cars to the battery, so that the power of electricity in the battery to the battery without electricity. Continue reading this article to learn more about the safe and efficient use of the crossover cable to the car battery in detail

  Check the appearance of the car battery before starting. The battery should be intact, no cracks, no obvious signs of acid battery leakage.

  If the car has any of the above damage, do not start the car, so as not to hurt themselves or others.

  AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER Wear protective goggles and rubber gloves before touching the car battery. Goggles and gloves protect your eyes and hands from the spilled water in the battery.

  Make sure that the crossover cable connected to the car is safe and corrosion resistant.

  If the battery cable is corroded, clean it as much as possible with a hard brush.

  Put the car with plenty of electricity at the car that needs to be charged, but make sure that the two cars are not in touch. Ideally, the two cars were parked in the same direction, or the front of the two cars would be parked.

  Make sure that the cable is connected to the two cars. Different models and manufacturers of the length of the crossover cable is very different

  Turn off the car. Open the hood of the two cars and find the battery.

  Remember the positive and negative extremes of each battery. The positive terminal is marked with a plus sign (+), while the negative terminal is marked with a minus sign (-).

  Connect the two ends of the positive-pole cable to the positive pole of the two batteries. If not specifically marked, the positive pole cable is usually red. Connect one end of the positive pole cable to the non-powered battery and the other end to the fully charged battery

  Connect one end of the negative pole cable to the fully charged battery. In most cases, the negative pole cable is black.

  AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER Connect the other end of the negative pole cable to the grounding metal part of the car. This will allow the exhausted car to start. You can connect the grounding cable to the frame, chassis, or other parts that are clean enough and have no paint.

  Start the battery normal vehicle engine. At the same time as the engine is started, the vehicle's charging system will begin charging the battery without over-the-line cable.

  Start the engine for at least 5 minutes after starting the engine. This will cause the battery to start charging itself, although doing so will take longer to fill the battery.

  Try to start the exhausted car engine. If the cable and the battery are charging enough power, the car engine can easily start.

  If it fails to start, please charge the battery for 5 minutes.

  Disconnect the crossover cable in the reverse order of the connection to avoid sparks or explode. If you first connect the negative pole cable to the negative terminal of the non-powered battery, then remove it at the end

  AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER The exhausted car starts at least 5 minutes so that the generator charges the battery.

  After the car starts at least 20 minutes or idle time. Sometimes, the battery can be fully charged during this period of time; and if the battery charge is not enough to drive the car, you may need to replace the new battery.

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