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Car Charger And Car Cigarette Lighter What Are The Differences

- May 31, 2017 -

CAR CHARGER What are the differences between car charger and car cigarette lighter? Car charger and car cigarette lighter for car owners of friends is very important, and now the owner of the basic needs of a car charger or car cigarette lighter in the car, easy to charge the phone at any time. However, for car chargers and car cigarette lighter, many people can not tell the difference between these two electronic products, whether they can replace each other today, Xiaobian from all aspects to help you fully understand the car charger and car cigarette lighter The difference between.

  1, definition

  Car charger is suitable for use in cars through the car battery (car 12v, truck 24v) on mobile phones, laptops and other electronic products supply charger. Car charger is small, easy to carry, plug and play.

  Car cigarette lighter is in the car's original cigarette lighter and then divided into one or more cigarette lighter for charging use, the initial car cigarette lighter is used for the owner to use, now the function has been transformed into convenient The driver uses the tools for charging.

  All Metal Smart Car Charger SN-177-4.8A

  2, the role

  Car charger is directly used to charge the electronic equipment, the car charger into the car comes with the cigarette mouth, the other one to insert the need to charge the device can be charged, the power comes from the car battery.

  CAR CHARGER Car cigarette lighter is usually with one, two, three or even more cigarette mouth, you can also charge for a variety of electronic equipment, and different cigarette mouth output current is different, therefore, has a variety Electronic equipment, the need for a large charge of the owners can choose a multi-button car cigarette lighter.

  3, similar

  As a function similar to the car, car charger and car cigarette lighter are now owners of friends essential items, go out, the phone is the need for charging, these two products are for us to provide a great convenience. From the appearance point of view, the two products have a variety of styles and models, but the most basic configuration is still plastic shell or aluminum alloy shell with stainless steel plug, and the output voltage is 5v. To a certain extent, car cigarette lighter can replace the use of car charger function, but when we have a variety of equipment need to charge, the general car charger can not meet our needs, and this time you need a multi-car Cigarette lighter.

  CAR CHARGER In fact, we do not have to be entangled in the car charger and car cigarette lighter choice, because a single one of the product price is not expensive, and the brand product quality is good, according to the different product types and styles on the market, according to our own reality Need, we are very easy to choose that we really need that product.

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  • 24 Volt 10 Amp Automatic 7 Stage SLA AGM GEL WET Car Battery Float Charger Maintainer
  • 12V 3.3 Amp Automatic 4 Stage SLA GEL AGM WET Car Motorcycle Float Charger Maintainer
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  • 12.6 Volt 4 Amp 4 Stage Li-ion Lithium Polymer Battery Smart Charger
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