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CAR CHARGER Materials Industry Will Usher In Rapid Growth

- Jun 22, 2017 -

CAR CHARGER materials industry will usher in rapid growth
  The first coverage, given the CAR CHARGER material industry "overweight" rating. Demand, CAR CHARGER 3C electronic consumption is expected to slow down the growth rate, but by the CAR CHARGER to improve the cost-effective and national support efforts to strengthen the positive stimulus, is expected in 2017 CAR CHARGER vehicle usage usher in the rapid development, or Will reach more than 20 times in 2013. Supply side, the domestic CAR CHARGER materials business in 2012-2017 basically completed capacity building, despite the new capacity more, but the Chinese enterprises compared to Japan and South Korea and other competitors cost advantage is more obvious. In addition, the battery industry production is more concentrated, the general will be selected for each of several raw materials as a major supplier of raw materials, so the supply of automotive charger materials industry is also increasingly concentrated, leading technology, cost advantages, into the international mainstream battery supply chain Material companies will fully benefit.
    Diaphragm industry: the ability to enter the mainstream battery manufacturers supply chain materials business will benefit. Diaphragm is the most difficult, China's new construction capacity in the construction of more, the Chinese manufacturers market share will undoubtedly increase significantly, but the current product quality and other issues remain unresolved, the international (including the four domestic battery manufacturers) or the procurement of Japanese and American enterprises Product-based. China is currently only the source material into the LGC supply chain, Celgard2013 year report, LGC did not purchase, we expect the source of the material diaphragm sales will increase in 2014 to LGC supply. In addition, as an opportunity, the domestic diaphragm enterprises to enter the mainstream battery manufacturers process or will accelerate, we closely follow the progress of China's diaphragm business certification and sales.
    Electrolyte industry: the pattern of the first set, the stronger stronger. Lithium hexafluorophosphate localization significantly increased the cost advantage of domestic electrolytes, the domestic new state of the state, Jiangsu Cathay Pacific has deep into the mainstream battery manufacturers supply chain, Shanshangufen also to the four domestic battery manufacturers supply. The core of the electrolyte is the formulation of additives, products with differentity, into the supply chain of electrolyte sales growth and stability, gross margin is expected to remain at 30% -40% high.
    Cathode material industry: ternary material ratio increased, the industry profit is expected to rise. The overall supply of the cathode material is too serious, and the mainstream CAR CHARGER manufacturers often replace the procurement source, the industry profitability is poor.
    Ternary materials due to higher cost, is expected to account for 35% increase from 35% in 2010, with the proportion of ternary materials increased, the proportion of high-priced cobalt to reduce the cost of raw materials decreased by about 10%, industry profits are expected to improve The
    Negative material industry: non-key links, the global market supply concentration is high, the industry profitability maintained at 10-15%. Short-term carbon anode material is still dominant, but the material grams of capacity has been close to the limit. New type of anode material silicon carbon composite material, lithium titanate is the future development trend.

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