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- Oct 11, 2017 -

The last CCTV exposure of the market 70% of the AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER is substandard products, which, many consumers do not understand exactly what AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER is qualified? A AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER not only for charging so simple, around the charge function can also extend a lot of different features, combined with the characteristics listed below to see your AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER have these features?
1, overload protection
USB specification on the current overload protection requirements shall not exceed 5A, if more than this value is likely to cause AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER components due to high temperature lead to functional damage or burning, serious or even explosion and other hazards. Therefore, a qualified AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER the most basic requirement is to have overload protection, which is one of its basic functions.
2, short circuit protection
Short circuit protection is also a car charger the most basic requirements, if the occurrence of a short charge in the charge, you can burn the fuse, serious may also cause a fire, so when you choose AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER, short circuit protection is necessary to have , If not clear should consult the business clearly, must not be joking.
3, turn off automatically after power failure
The vast majority of owners in the car after the flame will choose to pull out AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER, which is a good habit, but there are some owners often forget, and some cars out of the cigarette butts will continue to power, if this time AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER did not pull out, LED indicator will continue to light up, this is a power consumption, if your AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER with automatic power failure after the flame, then the problem does not exist.
Of course, the car after the flame out of AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER there is a benefit is to avoid the car when the ignition caused AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER damage, because the moment in the car will have a strong current, this time if the car is still working, May be burned, so here again to tell you, the car must be unplugged after the flame out, after the ignition and then insert.
Now AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER is a relatively popular electronic products, with the further development of the automotive industry, AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER also ushered in the development of a good time, then, AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER is not able to charge any electronic equipment?
AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER output voltage is generally 5v 12v, the current from 1A to 4.8A range, the current market power is the highest in Dongguan City Road Electronics Co., Ltd. DD338uu models of dual USB car charger, power reached a staggering 4.8A. Output USB output and AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER comes with the cable output, which USB output is divided into single USB and multi-USB jack, a single USB jack can only charge a product for one time, more than the USB port can be a variety of devices Charge, but the general car power is 12v, the maximum power is 120w, while the supply of multiple equipment charging will appear too heavy load, causing blown fuse, or even damage the vehicle circuit or electrical equipment and other dangerous, so the owners of friends The purchase will be carefully considered;
Whether it is car charger or ready to buy car charger friends, hope that the above explanation can help users better choose a suitable for their own car charger, but also believe that owners of friends can understand how to choose their own needs for the car charger, Thus reducing the unnecessary trouble, but still recommend the selection of certified brand products, after all, the quality is still reliable.

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