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How Does The Battery Tester Charge The Battery

- May 31, 2017 -

BATTERY TESTER Battery tester is mainly used to detect the current, voltage, capacity, internal resistance, temperature, battery cycle life, and gives the curve. The battery tester has multiple channels to choose from. Can be a single point of start, single point of control, while measuring different models, types of batteries (nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, lithium, etc.).

  Battery tester according to the battery shape and battery assembly after the finished product classification, the tester can be divided into: battery tester, finished battery tester, cell phone battery tester, laptop battery tester, mobile DVD battery tester, battery test Instrument, can do a comprehensive performance test, the instrument can test lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, polymer batteries, ordinary dry batteries, lead-acid batteries and other types of batteries. Full Chinese operation, display; with a complete test function, test speed, high precision, automatic testing, the specific value of accurate display, and other characteristics ... ... widely applicable to all types of battery experimental research and production testing.

  How to charge the battery

  1, first of all please use the original or reputable brand of the charger, and try to use a dedicated outlet, do not put the charger and TV and other appliances share socket.

  2, the battery factory, the manufacturers have been activated to deal with, and carried out pre-charge, so the battery has more than electricity. Lithium-ion battery before the 3-5 times the charge is generally called the adjustment period, should be charged more than 14 hours to ensure full activation of lithium ion activity. Lithium-ion battery has no memory effect, but there is a strong inertia, should be given full activation, in order to ensure that the use of the future to achieve the best performance.

  3, BATTERY TESTER if the phone battery is placed for a long time and not used, it is best to apply to the mobile phone repair department to make an activation of the battery, the battery after three to five full charge and discharge cycle after its internal chemical substances will be all "activated" To achieve the best results. You can also use a DC voltage regulator, adjust the voltage of 3.7V, current 780mA reverse connection battery. Note that a touch that is released, up to repeat three times, you can, after this treatment, and then the original charger "adjustment period" charge.

  4, the battery life depends on the repeated charge and discharge times, in general, a battery can fully charge and discharge 500 times. So should try to avoid the battery when the battery charge, this will shorten the battery life. Mobile phone shutdown time of more than 7 days, the phone battery should be completely discharged, fully charged and then use.

  5, the best charge should first turn off the phone. Because in the process of charging, the phone's circuit board will be hot, then if there is an external phone, it may produce instantaneous return current, the internal parts of the phone damage

  Standby time

  BATTERY TESTER Standby time refers to a battery in the phone standby time standby time. The standby time given by the manufacturer is based on the amount of electricity consumed by the handset in the standby mode, which is only an experimental data. Standby time by a number of factors, such as: battery capacity, the effect of charging, the use of mobile phone status, the strength of the network signal and the user's SIM card, network settings. Continuous power consumption is about ten times more than standby. Thus, the phone phone's continuous talk time is about one-tenth of the standby time. If the standby process has a call, dial, games and other operations, the phone will be due to the operation of more power consumption, and significantly deviate from the indicators of standby time.

  How do I calculate my phone charging time?

  General size of the battery capacity specifications with milliamps, the greater the value that the greater the capacity, for example, 1200mAh said the battery capacity is 1200 mAh. The length of the charging time, and the charger, the charger is generally marked with the charge current, but also with mA said. The charging time is calculated as the battery capacity divided by the charging current of the charger, multiplied by the factor of 1.2 to get the charging time (in hours). For example, the battery capacity of 1200 mA, the charger charging current of 600 mA, (1200 mA / 600 mA) * 1.2 = 2.4 hours, the battery charge time = 2.4 hours.

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