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- Jun 15, 2017 -


Car battery charger manufacturers tell the general consumer car battery charger can do: with the car battery charger can be used after the computer to download free, pictures, ringtones, animated screensavers, you can also use the computer to manage the phone book, text messages, You can also back up your phone on the information, here I introduce how to download the ringing method. Like selected Nokia and then choose the four polyphonic ringtones, which can be used inside the ring tones 3510. But the phone to download the words to two dollars a song, with a car battery charger is not used, casually point a song, will come out of the audition window, and then press Ctrl + N will come out of this window full page, and then point the browser On the file - "sorting save deposit to the computer above, such as C drive, and then you will find the C drive in addition to a page, there will be a folder, and the same name, Find the file for the suffix, is you just listen to the ringtones. Spread to the phone on it. But here the ringtones are very short, you can use Psmplay this software to change the ringtone, let it cycle several times just fine. Screensaver animation is even easier, direct picture, do not save as fine. Can not save the words had just used the method just. As for the use of Psmplay on their own to study. Well, start talking about the topic:

Buy to get the hands of the car after the battery charger is a nine-hole interface, inserted in the computer's serial port, the best plug in the above, it is COM1 mouth, the general default. The other end is a base of the same thing, below a sponge trap in the four needles above, two rows of three rows, one front row. Take that sponge circle down. The And then turn off the phone, the computer shut down, the phone shell to open, remove the battery, and then the battery behind the card in the base above (the other side of the four pins) the battery in front of the battery with the front of the place , Because to boot. And then press down on the back pressure It is best to find someone else to pressure, because it is not his cell phone is not distressed:) - a force on the pressure, and now not, the base behind the wiring there, the edge of the line, there is a thing that can be pressed , Put this down, and then put the base of the battery down a pressure, will feel and pressure into some, then just fine. The Then the computer boot, mobile phone boot. And then is installed software, generally better with OPM2, the full name is: OxygerPhoneManagerII connection options to choose COM1 or COM2 to see you in which the mouth. Then it is DAU9P. The If not good, then point tool - "option there is a connection set, you look at whether there is set up. If set up, then wait for three or five seconds to find the phone. My OPM is to buy a car battery charger when the CD-ROM, the version is 2.1 Chinese version of the. And then is used, if it is finished version of the words, their own look like with, very simple. Such as to pass the bell into the words, then call, and then select the file into the phone. Choose MIDI ... ..., not much to say. You can also change the network logo and boot screen. But this software can not delete the phone ringtones, to delete, then use another software: OxygenRingtoneWorkshopforNokiaphones this software can download your ringtones deleted, but can not delete their own ringtones ... ... Yes, there is a very important, That is, if you are already using a mobile management software, and then you opened another one, it certainly can not find the phone, because the COM port is occupied, be sure to cut off a connection, and then use the second. Generally with these two software is enough, but there are many other software, we can go to their own research.

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