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- Oct 20, 2017 -

With the continuous development of modern technology, smart phones more and more functions, the screen is growing, when driving can act as audio, navigation, etc., but the power loss is also faster. Spring Festival approaching, high-speed road, out of the phone no electricity, but forcing the rhythm of madman. So the metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER came into being, things are small, but in the choice can not be sloppy, let Xiaobian tell you the following UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER optional five points.
1, the output current
The general value of the metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER on the market is 12V-24V, the output voltage is 5V, and the output current is about 1A ~ 4A. Although most of the car also has a USB interface, but the current is only about 500mA, when using the phone when the battery is not enough time to charge the power consumption. To battery capacity 1470mAh iPhone4S, for example, 1A current charging only about 2 hours can be filled with the use of the car comes with USB interface time is basically doubled.
2, overload protection
USB specification requirements for current overload protection shall not exceed 5A. Metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER requires overload protection because when the output current is too large and exceeds its normal output value, the charger component life will be shortened or because the temperature is too high lead to damage or even burning. So the metal used in the car UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER must have overload protection measures.
3, short circuit protection
Short-circuit protection is also necessary, because in the event of short-circuit light, then hold back the cigarette lighter insurance, while the fire burning. All the common market UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER have short-circuit protection device, but when the short-circuit device unplugged, some products need to unplug the device automatically after the start to continue to supply power, and some products are still unplugged after the short-circuit equipment, Pull out the device and then re-insert before continuing power supply. Of course, for the owner to automatically restore the power supply charger will be more convenient.
4, LED lights
The commercially available UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER comes with LED night light to facilitate confirmation of driving at night. But the brightness of the LED lights should pay attention to, because the daytime driving will not have any effect, but the night if the traffic is too bright may distract the driver's attention, affecting traffic safety, in general, LED brightness can not only see the USB interface Position can not be dazzling.
5, whether the power after the flameout
Although 80% of the vehicles are the vehicle after the removal of the key cigarette lighter to stop power supply, but there are some car cigarette lighter is continuous power supply. In case the owner forget to pull out the metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER, then there will be damage to the vehicle battery? In general, the universal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER in the case of no load is no current output. Even forget to pull out, and only a small LED lights at work, the loss of battery power can be ignored.
With the development of science and technology market, the basic mobile phone basic per capita, especially with the development of automotive interconnection technology in recent years, mobile phones and cars more and more closely, which also led directly to the consumption of mobile phone faster, so the metal UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER came into being, and quickly spread to most of the owners. However, the product quality can not afford, and most of the owners to use the way to the vehicle caused by the loss of improper. According to incomplete statistics, 90% of the owner of the vehicle UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER is wrong, you use it?

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