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This Choice AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER Makes People Feel More At Ease

- Nov 03, 2017 -

This choice AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER makes people feel more at ease
Most people now have a dependence on cell phones, no matter where they always like to hold a cell phone. Whenever cell phone battery power is less than 50% and happens to need to go out at this time, the heart is shy. Drive while using the navigation while using the original USB interface for mobile phone charging, after reaching the destination unplug the data cable, the phone prompts "low battery" at this time I believe we are desperate. It does not matter, a good AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER will be able to solve this problem.
Although a lot of new cars have been with the original USB interface, but the basic speed of charging and the USB port on the computer as turtle speed, charge mobile phone barely able to cope with, if the charge iPad, flat panel of such power equipment will appear Powerless. The selection of AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER is also learned, a qualified charger requires a lot, the most important of which is with circuit overload protection, because in the event of a short circuit, it can immediately cut off the power to prevent charging equipment and power supply damage. In order to save costs, some small factories in the production of car charger simply with a "insurance." At the same time, some failed car charger can not be regulated, steady flow led to fluctuations, it is likely to cause serious heating of the charging device and charger, the phone, have a certain impact on security.
AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER, looks like a humble thing, in fact, there are many places that need our attention. Choose a suitable car charger, can significantly improve the speed of mobile phone charging, while charging things will not happen. Remember to buy the regular manufacturers to sell products, or out of quality problems without a complaint, regret too late.
1, the output current
The market of metal AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER input voltage is basically 12V-24V, the output voltage is 5V, while the output current is 1A ~ 4A or so. Although most cars also have a USB interface, but the current is only about 500mA, when using the phone navigation is not enough time to charge the amount of electricity charged. Battery capacity of 1470mAh iPhone4S, for example, 1A current charging only 2 hours or so can be filled, the use of the car comes with USB interface basically doubled.
2, overload protection
USB specification of the current overload protection requirements must not exceed 5A. Metallic AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER overload protection is required because the output current is too large and exceed their normal output value, the charger component life will be shortened or because of overheating lead to damage or even burn. Therefore, the metal used in the AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER must have overload protection measures.
3, short circuit protection
Short circuit protection is also necessary, because in the event of a short circuit lightly hold back the cigarette lighter insurance, heavy fire burns. The basic market all metal AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER has a short circuit protection device, but when the short circuit device unplug, some products need to unplug the device automatically start to continue to supply some products unplug the short circuit device is still not powered, you need to point Pull out the cigarette lighter before reinserting it. Of course, it is more convenient for car owners to automatically recharge the charger.
4, LED lights
Metal AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER on the market with LED night light, to facilitate the evening to confirm the location of driving. However, the brightness of LED lights should pay attention to, because driving during the day and will not have any effect, but if driving too bright at night may distract the driver's attention, affecting traffic safety, LED brightness in general can see the USB interface Location is not dazzling can be.
5, whether the electricity after the flameout
Although 80% of the vehicles are the vehicle after the removal of the key cigarette lighter to stop power supply, but there are some car cigarette lighter is continuous power supply. In case the owner forgets to unplug the metal AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER, then there will be no damage to the battery of the car? In general, metal AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER in the case of no load is no current output. Even forget to unplug, only a small LED lights at work, loss of battery power can be neglected.

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