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To Ensure That The AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER Capacity And Life Of The Note

- Jun 22, 2017 -

To ensure that the AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER capacity and life of the note
"The more the battery battery charger discharges, the more the battery will be lost," said Tom Hartley, an e-engineering professor at Ekron University that helped NASA to extend battery life. "Give the battery charge The battery pack is best placed in the middle of the battery, so the battery life is the longest.

Hubble Space Telescope battery power consumption set at 10% of the total capacity, the battery charge and discharge cycles up to 10 million times

First, the high and low battery status has the most adverse effect on the life of the AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER, while the number of charge and discharge cycles is secondary. In fact, most of the sale of electrical appliances or batteries on the identification of the number of repeated charge, are 80 percent of the discharge test based on the test. Experiments show that for some notebook computer AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER, often the battery voltage exceeds the standard voltage of 0.1 volts, that is, from 4.1 volts to 4.2 volts, then the battery life will be halved, and then increased by 0.1 volts, the life reduced to the original Of the long-term low-power or no electricity state will make the battery inside the electronic movement of the resistance is growing, resulting in smaller battery capacity. NASA NASA let the Hubble Space Telescope battery power consumption set at 10% of the total capacity to ensure that the battery can be repeated charge and discharge 100,000 times without having to update.

Second, the temperature of the AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER life also have a greater impact (mobile phones and other small electronic equipment on this point can be ignored). The freezing point of the following environment may make the AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER in the electronic product to open the moment burned, and overheated environment will reduce the battery capacity. Therefore, if the laptop long-term use of external power supply will not take the battery down, the battery is long in the laptop out of the high fever, the more important is that the battery is 100% of the battery in the 100 state, will soon be scrapped (including me Your pen battery is so finished).

From the above, we can summarize the following points to ensure that the AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER capacity and life of the note:
• Do not charge the AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER to 100 percent full, do not use the battery. In the circumstances permitting, as far as possible to keep the battery power in the vicinity of half full state, charging and discharge the smaller the better;

General Chevy Volt electric car factory design is to force the battery power to maintain 20% to 80%, and Apple laptop built-in battery may also use this method (including some other laptop and electronic products), so that the battery can The number of charge and discharge cycles increases.

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