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- Oct 20, 2017 -

AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER is an accessory that allows the owner to charge the digital product anytime, anywhere with the onboard power supply. AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER is how to use it?
Some high-end AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER generally includes two USB ports, which can charge two digital products at the same time. Such products are generally overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, four safety protection, to ensure safe use. AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER in the car at the same time, but also home, to achieve car charger, direct charge, USB charge three-in-one multi-purpose use.
To USB interface AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER, for example, the correct installation method is:
1, the USB power adapter into the car cigarette lighter, light, then charge.
2, the use of USB cable and conversion connector, the phone, MP3 or standard USB interface products and automotive USB power adapter can be connected to charge it.
AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER Charges the phone directly with the car cigarette lighter as a power outlet. As the car provides a low voltage, so AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER internal only need to have overload protection circuit can be. The front end of the AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER socket is designed with a fuse that protects the fuse immediately when the current exceeds the overload protection circuit.
1. Select the product with overload protection
USB specification requirements for current overload protection shall not exceed 5A. AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER requires overload protection because when the output current is too large and exceeds its normal output value, the charger component life will be shortened or because the temperature is too high lead to damage or even burning. So used in the car AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER must have overload protection measures.
2. Select the product with output current of 1A or more
AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER on the market input voltage is basically 12V-24V, the output voltage of 5V, while the output current is about 1A ~ 4A. But some "three no" or "cottage" products are generally appear charging current virtual standard phenomenon. To battery capacity 1470mAh iPhone4S, for example, 1A current charging only about 2 hours can be filled, and poor quality products will need to double the charging time.
Even more when you use those charging current in the 500mA charger for mobile phone charging, if you are opening the phone navigation state, this time not only fully charged into the electricity, and sometimes mobile phone power will go down! So in the choice of AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER time must be optimistic, at least choose to charge current 1A or more products.
3. Please purchase regular licensed
Must buy regular manufacturers through the safety certification of products, do not buy and use three no products, or out of the quality of complaints no door, regret the late carry on. In particular, can not seek cheap to buy 20 dollars below the brand.
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the continuous development of the economy, with a car is no longer what is difficult, but after buying a car will face a series of problems. Now with the development of intelligent, car and mobile phone more and more close, and some cars can even support the direct control of mobile phones. Many owners are accustomed to using AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER in the car, but you may not think, AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER there will be a major security risk.
It is important to be sure to pay attention to the function of overload protection when selling AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER. Because once the overload is protected, the life of the charger will drop, but also greatly increase the risk of risk. Moreover, it is the material is not to make a safe fire APS material. If AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER is not up to standard, in the car ignition moment is easy to be a strong current breakdown. Coupled with low quality AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER poor flame retardancy, when the components failure, can not limit the flame inside the shell, and because the car is mainly decorated with leather, plastic and textile and other flammable products, AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER spontaneous combustion may lead to the whole The car was ignited. Second, in the choice of AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER, to try to choose the output current of 1A or more products, or may be used in the process of charging can not keep up with consumption, resulting in the less filling the situation. So, we want to buy regular manufacturers through the certification of products, do not buy and use three no products, or out of quality complaints no problem. In particular, can not seek cheap to buy 20 dollars below the brand, the current domestic mainstream brand AUTOMATIVE BATTERY CHARGER price more than 20-100 yuan, when buying, remember to buy the mark marked with Chinese licensed.

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