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What Is The Overcharge Protection Of The BATTERY TESTER

- Aug 01, 2017 -

What is the overcharge protection of the BATTERY TESTER
  A high-quality BATTERY TESTER must be a safe and reliable product on quality, with factors that make consumers feel safe, where businesses often have their products with overvoltage protection, overcharge protection and overcurrent protection, overload protection, etc. Etc., today Xiaobian to tell you that these seemingly tall security measures in the end is what something.

   1: overcharge protection: also known as charge protection, which is electronic products for the charging device charging the internal battery charging security issues used in a protective measure, when the charging device charging voltage is too high, it is easy to cause the battery internal short circuit or bulging And even explosion, overcharge protection is in the charging device battery attached to a protection circuit, when the charge voltage is greater than the specified value automatically disconnect the circuit, thus protecting the charging device. Overcharge protection is mainly for charging equipment, rather than for the charger, like a mobile phone and overcharge protection, and mobile phone charger does not have overcharge protection.

 2: overvoltage protection: overvoltage protection is when the protection circuit voltage voltage is higher than a certain value, the protector cut off the line, when the power supply voltage is restored to the normal range, the protector automatically connected. We usually use the BATTERY TESTER is generally 5v, 12v, 24v or even higher, different electronic equipment charging voltage is different, when the use of the charger or the charging object voltage is not easy when it is dangerous, then if the battery There is no need to worry about the overvoltage protection of the tester.

 3: overcurrent protection: As the name suggests, is to protect the charging device is not due to the charging current is too large and burned out of the protection measures, which is the BATTERY TESTER for different charging objects set, many electronic products have rated current, when the charge current Big time is easy to burn the charging device, then the BATTERY TESTER will automatically start overcurrent protection measures, cut off the charge. Overcurrent protection and overload protection are somewhat similar, overload protection is to prevent the charger charging object caused by excessive load is too large and cause a charging device burned a protective measure.

4: short circuit protection: refers to the charging process occurs charging abnormalities (such as no load) and thus the product instantaneous strong current, in order to avoid damage to the charging equipment and a protection. The most common is the BATTERY TESTER comes with the fuse, when a short circuit occurs, resulting in a strong current fuse fuse, thus cutting off the circuit.

5: temperature protection: refers to the charging process is too high and automatic power off a protection measure, generally only a number of output interface BATTERY TESTER only have (such as multiple USB interface, the BATTERY TESTER or a number of USB Interface and direct charge of the BATTERY TESTER).
These overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload and short circuit protection, temperature protection is the BATTERY TESTER manufacturers one of the most common product safety performance, if your current product does not have these features, then it is prone to charging failure, so It is recommended that the owner of a friend in the choice of BATTERY TESTER must choose high safety when the car charger, try to avoid the cause of the charger caused unnecessary trouble.

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